We are a small family-owned bed & breakfast facility with a pleasant athmosphere in a quiet neighbourhood in Marianske Lazne. That's why it is so easy to relax there. George Pension is located near the wood where many hiking trails are marked and next to a park area with the Ferdinand mineral water spring, where you can go for an early morning walk to drink or to draw new energy from all the green. Despite the quiet surroundings of the facility, it is only 10 minutes to get to a store and 10 - 15 minutes to reach the spa centre. It only depends on your path. 

Did you know that our villa belongs to 'Famous villlas of the Karlovy Vary region?'

Our house, built in 1926, belongs to most interesting architectonic villas in the Karlovy Vary region, as Mr. Lubomir Zeman writes in his book.

The publication from 2010 focuses on historic as well as modern architecture in the Karlovy Vary region, on exceptional villas, their famous architects, engineers and builders and it mentions also our house. There are 57 villas from the 19th century until today in the book and you have the chance to spend your holiday in one of them!